Purva Tranquillity Plots

In real estate, a plot refers to a demarcated piece of land acquired for property development. Plots form the very foundation of any construction project before homes, apartments, commercial buildings or other structures are built upon them. As urbanization accelerates across India, demand for plots is rising substantially.

Purva Tranquillity Project Highlights
Type Plots
Project Stage New Launch
Location Medihalli, Bangalore
Builder Puravankara
Floor Plans 20 x 30, 30X40, 30X50, 40X60 Plots
Price Rs. 70 Lakh* Onwards
Total Land Area 45 Acres
Total Units 700+ Plots
Size Range 600 – 2400 Sq Ft
Approvals NA
RERA No Applied
Launch Date Onrequest
Possession Date 2025 Onwards

  • Plots represent the starting point that gives shape to real estate projects. Developers must first acquire suitable plots in advantageous locations before envisioning what types of properties to construct. Choosing the right plot impacts everything from planning, approvals, design, budgeting and sales.
  • Residential plots allow buyers to potentially design and build customized independent homes. Many Indians prefer such tailor-made houses with features like gardens over pre-designed apartments. Plots also provide investment value appreciation over time
  • Across metro cities, plots in peripheral suburbs allow people to own freehold land at affordable rates compared to prime inner city locations. Such plots suit budget home building without compromising commute access.

In essence, plots form a fundamental asset class within the real estate sector. For developers, acquiring the strategically right plot is step one for a successful project. For end-buyers, plots offer potential for customized, independent houses or as lucrative investment assets with strong price appreciation as cities expand outwards.

Purva Tranquillity is a New launch plots project developed by Puravankara.


1. What factors decide the rate for a plot?

Main factors determining plot rates include - location (city, neighborhood, road access), permissible usage, area size, approval status, amenities/conveniences, developer brand, and macroeconomic factors. Within same project, corner plots and those facing key roads attract higher rates.

2. What charges exist when purchasing a plot?

Main charges include - basic sale value, floor space index or air rights charges, restricted area charges, maintenance fees, registration + stamp duty, and miscellaneous charges like documentation fees. Tax implications also exist like GST. Some plots have recurring society maintenance bills.

3. What risks or challenges exist around owning plots?

Risks include irregular site shapes or terrain issues, disputed ownership titles, litigation by landlords, changing zoning regulations, denial of project clearances, poor resalepotential, and long build times allowing area dynamics or personal plans to shift before construction completions.

4. What are the benefits of buying a plot over an apartment?

Plots allow construction of an independent customized home. Further, plots give ownership of land itself, have higher appreciation potential, lower ageing risks of buildings, and freedom around commercial usage opportunities denied in apartment by-laws.

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