Purva Tranquillity Master Plan

Purva Tranquillity Master Plan

The Masterplan of Purva Tranquillity is a well-designed plotted plan developed by Puravankara Group over 45 acres of lush green land. It's one of the leading residential plotted projects in S. Medahalli in East Bangalore. It offers various residential options, and the region is known for its superior infrastructure and lifestyle.

Purva Tranquillity consists of 700+ plots for residential development over 45 acres of land. The plot size ranges from 20 x 30 of 600 sq. ft. to 40 x 60 of 2400 sq. ft., with different plot dimensions developed. The project is in the final developmental stages and is expected to launch in 2025.

The master plan Initiatives are unique and meet industry standards. Residents can preview designs to save time and choose cost-effective living spaces and recreational facilities. A variety of residential plots is available, and residents can choose any plot based on their choice.

Purva Tranquillity represents a thoughtfully designed residential development that strikes a harmonious balance between the tranquillity of nature and the practicality of accessibility. Its idealistic surrounding environment, enriched with abundant green spaces and meticulously curated themed gardens, cultivates an environment where residents can truly savour the serenity of nature.


There is a wide range of amenities that emphasize the active and healthy lifestyle of the residents. Well-equipped gymnasiums, swimming pools, outdoor sports courts, and play areas promote healthy lifestyles and fitness for the residents. Purva Tranquillity also understands the importance of playgrounds for children. These features ensure the kids are exposed to community and development and encourage them to stay fit and enjoy nature.


Infrastructure is the backbone of a thriving society, including roads, entry and exit gates, electricity pools, water connections, and communication networks. It forms the framework that supports economic growth, connectivity, and overall development of the residential plotted area. Robust infrastructure increases efficiency, enhances mobility, and improves the quality of living in a gated community.

  • Grand Entry and Exit Plaza
  • Well designed and laid good Quality roads
  • Wheelchair friendly pathway
  • Underground Electrical and Data Cable for each Induvial Plots
  • 3 KWA minimum power supply for each plot
  • 24*7 Security assistance
  • CCTV Surveillance all over the Project premises

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different plot sizes available in Purva Tranquillity?

Plots are available in different sizes such as 20 x 30, 30 x 30, 30 x 40, 30 x 50, 30 x 60, 40 x 50 and 40 x 60 in Purva Tranquillity.

2. Can I choose a plot based on my requirements and size?

Yes, Purva Tranquillity allows residents to plots based on their required size, which is available.

3. What is total area of plot development project?

The project has been developed over 45 acres of land, which offers 700+ units of plots for residential development.

4. Are plots in Purva Tranquillity suitable for both residential and commercial Buildings?

All plots of Purva Tranquillity are sized per standard measurements for building residential property. One can build small - scale commercial buildings based on their interest and plot size.

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